Florida sports betting

Florida Sports Betting

Where does the Sunshine State stand in sports betting? Maybe it is time to brush up on that sports betting knowledge. We will discuss the best places for Florida sports betting are, how online betting bonuses work, and what banking methods are available for you to use for Florida sports betting when it finally arrives!

Compare Florida sports betting

While it is important to understand the individual sports, you plan to bet on, and there is plenty of unique knowledge related to online betting in FL that you should know before diving in.

Florida sports betting is quick and easy, and it is the most convenient option. Understand what you expect from them, and you should be able to pick a few to meet your needs.

Understanding how online betting offers and banking methods work is essential to picking the right Florida sports betting site and being able to get into online betting. Luckily, all of this is covered in detail in the following sections.

Best Florida sports betting sites


The most nerve-wracking part of getting started with Florida sports betting is finding a place to do it, since the official plans are moving forwards for legal sports betting.

You want to choose something that will be secure and legal, but it should also fit your needs. Do not let offshore online betting sites entice you with their unique options; utilizing these is more risk than it is worth, and you would be surprised at what licensed and regulated Florida sportsbooks have to offer.

Listed below are some of the most popular and well-reviewed betting sites in circulation. Each of these already has a reputation operating in other locations, so doing research to find out which will work best for you should be easier.

At the least, you should make sure your Florida sports betting site choices after:

  • Are licensed and regulated for operation in Florida
  • Have the sports you want to bet on
  • Have the types of bets you want to place
  • Compete with their odds

Try to pick at least two that have all of these qualities.

FOX Bet online betting

Competitive odds? Check. Plenty of Florida sports betting options? Check. FOX Bet seems to offer everything you could possibly need, especially if you are looking to find the best prices.

Do not let their celebrity affiliation fool you into thinking they are just for show. A deeper look reveals that they provide a great variety of services and markets. Their current welcome bonus will give you a $500 risk-free bet.

BetRivers sports betting site

Although BetRivers Florida $250 deposit match bonus is a bit under the average, it gives you more freedom in how to use your bonus funds. Their betting site is easy to use with fast, easy payouts and a fantastic customer service team. Even if you have an issue, it should be resolved quickly, especially with their live chat services.

BetMGM online betting

Signing up with BetMGM Florida sports betting site will not disappoint. You get a $600 risk-free bet on sign up, and the bonuses keep coming after that.

Navigating the sports betting website is incredibly easy as well. This luxury brand pulled all the stops to make an equally as luxurious interface for users, and the desktop translates well to mobile devices.

DraftKings sports betting

Even if you are new to Florida sports betting, you would have probably heard this name. However, DraftKings Florida has a reputation that precedes them, and there is a reason for it. They will match your first deposit 20% up to $1,000, and that can bolster a new account.

They also love to pave the way for new betting options. DK was the first U.S. market to hop onto NFL props, mimicking some tempting offerings by offshore providers. You can get the same competition with accreditation in the United States.

FanDuel sports betting online

If signing up for a provder is intimidating, the straightforward process at FanDuel Florida is a great way to ease into it. Paired with their $1,000 offer for a risk-free bet, utilizing FanDuel is almost irresistible.

They service a majority of sports, leagues, and bet types. If you are a big fan of prop bets, you might want a second option, but the variety aside from that is one of the best available. Their mobile sports betting platform in Florida is easy to use, making mobile Florida sports betting a breeze online.

What features for online sports betting Florida?


When you sign up with a online sports betting Florida operator, they usually give you some sort of welcome bonus. While these fall into the same general categories, it is important to read the fine print for each and every sports bookie.

They are not usually trying to trick you, but there are plenty of small details that you could overlook and lose your Florida sports betting promos. For the most part, though, you will see straightforward representations of risk-free bets or deposit matches.

Risk-free bonus for online sports betting Florida

When online sports betting Florida sites mention a risk-free bet, they are saying that your bet will be reimbursed if you do not win the bet. Of course, you do not get anything extra if you win the bet, but the security of it can help you reach for a riskier bet.

Most online betting sites in FL will have both a maximum and minimum on this bet. For example, your initial bet may need to be at least $20 and have a maximum match of $500. Anything that you bet over $500 will not be reimbursed, and bets under $20 will not even qualify.

A sportsbook bonus in Florida may also define maximum and minimum odds to qualify for the bet. This is why it is important to check into all the details of the bonus.

It is worth noting that some online betting sites will reimburse the bet in the form of “site credit”. This means that you will not be able to withdraw the funds to your account until you cycle through the credit amount. You can use the credit on the site.

Online sports betting Florida deposit bonuses

A deposit match is a more flexible bonus option, but it seems to be less popular. In addition, these tend to be lower than risk-free bets because they will always match your deposit according to their terms, while risk-free bets only require payouts a portion of the time.

Deposit matches are not always straightforward. Online sports betting Florida operators usually include fine-print verbiage to specify that they will match a certain percentage of your deposit up to the specified amount.

This means that a “$250 deposit match” might be broken down into a “20% match up to $250”. In that case, you would need to deposit $1,250 to get the full benefit of the bonus for your online sports betting Florida needs.

It pays off to wait until you can deposit the largest sum possible within the qualifying period (usually 30 days). For example, if you deposit $10 one day and then another $300 after you get paid, then you only get the bonus on the $10 amount. Anything over the maximum will be accepted, but you will not receive a bonus past the amount.

Banking methods for online FL sports betting


Online FL sports betting is made easy by sites that allow an array of FL banking options, including:

  • Debit or credit cards
  • Prepaid cards
  • E-wallets
  • ACH transfers or eChecks
  • Online bill pay
  • Cash payments

While not every FL sports betting site offers all of these, most do a good job of providing a variety of easy ways for you to deposit and fast withdraw funds.

FL sports betting with debit/credit card

Most online FL sports betting sites accept deposits from debit and credit cards, especially Visa and Mastercard. In addition, discover, and American Express are generally accepted but do not be surprised if they are not compatible with your online betting site.

These are a great way to deposit funds instantaneously, but you can easily run into problems with your financial institution. For example, some will block transactions to betting or gaming sites automatically, and you will need to either call and remove the block or use a different method.

Prepaid card for sports betting FL sites

Prepaid cards can be refunded using your debit or credit card, and they keep your personal information safe. Many online sports betting FL companies offer prepaid cards that are linked to their brand, but if you use a generic, you should make sure they are accepted by your online bookie.

Play+ cards are a popular example of how prepaid cards work for betting online. They team up with certain brands, and then you can fund your Play+ account. Play+ cards also allow you to spend winnings wherever Discover is accepted, so you can tap into your funds without waiting to transfer them out to your bank.

Sports betting FL E-wallet

E-wallets like PayPal or Skrill help protect your personal banking information, and they can help buffer transactions if your institution goes into combat mode any time you try to make a deposit.

Most sports betting FL sites will require you to deposit funds using an e-wallet before you can withdraw funds to the e-wallet to prevent instances of fraud.

FL sports betting with ACH transfer/eCheck

ACH transfers and eChecks are one of the most popular options for both deposits and withdrawals because they process quickly, do not incur fees, and you can move funds directly from your checking account to your online FL sports betting account.

They also have a higher success rate than other methods, so starting off here means things are less likely to go wrong.

Do not confuse these with wire transfers – those do have a fee, and they typically require you to travel to the bank to initiate. They are great for large transactions, though.

Online bill pay

It may seem weird to use a bill pay method to fund your betting account, but it is an option for those that want more privacy. You simply log into your bank account when prompted and authorize the transaction.

If you have a smaller bank, this may not be an option, but most larger banks will let you use this to fund your account.

Physical methods for sports betting Florida

The most off-grid way to fund your account is to find a physical location to fund the account. This can be a brick-and-mortar facility that offers cash at the cage for your bookie, or you can use programs like PayNearMe or Green Dot MoneyPak to make these deposits.

If your sports betting Florida operator offers methods like these, they will provide you with the necessary information to find these locations. Usually, you just define the amount you wish to deposit, record the payslip information, and then take that information to the location (usually a pharmacy or convenience store).

Benefits of online betting in Florida


Online betting in Florida came to the state when the Seminole Tribe of Florida reached an agreement with the federal government that allowed the tribe to expand its operations. The deal focuses on offering sports betting on mobile devices via servers located on tribal lands.

Also, with several different sports markets to bet on and different events:

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball

Online betting is also expected to expand tourism and recreation to the state as well as offer more to those already visiting. This increase in opportunity will also provide new job opportunities and money invested to the state for further development.

FAQs About Florida sports betting

How much revenue is sports betting online expected to bring to Florida?

Florida stands to gain an estimated $2.5 billion in revenue over the next five years, though this is an estimate, and the number could easily be far more.

When was online betting legalized in Florida?

Governor Ron DeSantis signed the bills related to online sports betting on May 25, 2021, though the agreement with the Seminole Tribe of Florida was made the month prior.

Is it difficult to get started with online sports betting in Florida?

Not at all. Online betting sites in FL make it much easier to research odds and find value bets. It could be argued that now is one of the best times to get into betting because the sites have made the process streamlined and easy, and the markets are not over saturated.

Can I still bet as a Florida resident if I am out of the state?

Online betting companies will allow you to sign up for new accounts, make deposits, withdraw funds, and check lines, but the technology they use to verify location will not allow you to place any bets if you are outside of the state.

Do responsible gambling measures offered by Florida actually help?

The responsible gambling measures that online bookies are required to offer are useful in managing your bankroll and controlling a gambling habit, but it is important to look for signs of addiction. By setting daily, weekly, or monthly limits on your deposits and wagers, you limit your chance of running into a problem.