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Florida sports betting odds

If you want to win big, you need to pay attention to sports betting odds in Florida. The odds at online betting sites in Florida determine how much you can win from your bets. You can learn everything there is to know about odds here.

Intro to sports betting odds in Florida

If you want to be successful when it comes to gambling, you need to understand how sports betting odds in Florida work. First, you need to know how to read them. Second, you need to know how betting odds are calculated. Finally, you need to know how to work out your potential winnings.

Most sportsbooks in Florida will offer betting options for the most popular events in the country. This includes NBA odds, Super Bowl lines, and Masters action. You will also find open betting markets for other events like soccer, rugby, and darts. Trust us. If there is a sport you want to gamble on, you will probably find it at one sportsbook in Florida.

Let’s tell you a little bit more about how betting odds in Florida work, shall we?

Best sports betting odds in Florida


Betting odds can vary drastically between all Florida online sportsbooks. Therefore, if you are planning on getting serious about sports betting in Florida, you will need to be signed up for multiple sportsbooks. Here are some of our favorites.

FOX Bet odds

FOX Bet is known for enhanced odds promotions. This means that for some of the bigger games, you will be able to get better odds here than anywhere else in Florida.

Betrivers sports betting odds

Betrivers offers betting odds for a ton of different sports. So whether you are looking for Masters betting, soccer betting, or NBA betting, you are going to find it here. In fact, they cover a lot of events over dozens of different sports.

BetMGM betting odds

BetMGM Florida offers betting odds for a variety of different events. They also offer some amazing betting options too. In addition, you will want to pay attention to the various promotions that they have on offer.

Draftkings odds

Draftkings Florida is the home of live betting. Check out their site for a plethora of live betting markets at all times of the year.

Fanduel betting odds

Fanduel Florida offers loads of different sports. Their sports betting odds are highly competitive too.

More sites with great sports betting odds in Florida

Calculate sports betting odds in Florida


Sports betting odds in Florida display the likelihood of something happening during a competitive sports event. The longer the line, the less chance there is of that event coming through. The shorter the line, the more likely the event is to happen.

This doesn’t quite tell the whole story, though.

Obviously, a sportsbook is a business. This means that they need to make money. As a result, they will constantly be tinkering with the odds to ensure they make cash. This means that, in certain situations, the odds may not be an accurate reflection of an event. Therefore, you will need to do your research.

Finding the best odds in Florida

We cannot tell you the exact bets that you should be making. However, we can give you betting tips. We have no issues with that. However, the final decision as to whether a bet is right for you will be completely personal. This is because betting is all about risk, and you will want to think about the amount of risk that you are willing to take.

We have a few questions that you should try and ask yourself here.

Have you researched the bet?

Every single bet that you make, no matter how risky it is, needs to be backed up with evidence.

We gamble regularly. We have taken some huge risks at times. However, we can assure you that we have never made a bet where we haven’t been able to gather at least a little bit of evidence that the bet could be a winner.

Look to multiple sources for your research here. This includes:

  • Sports news
  • Sports stats
  • Betting tips
  • Watching the sport

Are you betting from the heart?

Under absolutely no circumstances should you ever be betting from the heart. For example, we would never recommend that you bet on your favorite team. This can cause your judgment to be clouded.

Do you understand the sport?

This should pretty much be a given. However, you will be surprised at the number of people that bet based on odds. It makes absolutely no sense. If you don’t understand a sport, then you should never gamble on it. This means even if you have carried out your research.

Have you checked betting odds at multiple sportsbooks?

As we said before, betting odds can vary drastically between all online betting sites in Florida. This means that you will need to check the betting options at a variety of different sportsbooks before you place your bet. This way, you can be sure that you stand to win the most cash possible..

How much risk are you willing to take?

This is where things will really start to get a bit more personal. You need to weigh up your own level of risk. But, again, this is something that you will come to discover over time.

This is why you do need to do your research. It is your research that will help you to determine how likely a bet is to come through. You can then work out how risky a bet is from this.

Remember, no matter how you bet, you should never bet everything on one bet. Instead, you should always ensure that your cash is spread across multiple bets. This way, you have a bigger chance of winning something.

How betting odds in Florida are displayed


Betting odds can be displayed in three different ways.

Most sportsbooks in Florida will default to the American odds system. However, we will go through each of the methods for displaying betting odds. This way, if you do stumble across a sportsbook that doesn’t offer American odds, you will know what is going on.

American odds

As we said, American odds are the main way of displaying odds at Florida sportsbooks. You will know that you are looking at American betting odds if you see a + or – before a number. This will let you know whether you are looking at the underdog or the favorite bet. It will also let you know how much you could potentially be winning:

  • A – would indicate the favorite bet. In order to win $100, you would have to bet whatever follows the -.
  • A + would indicate the underdog bet. The number that follows is the amount that you would win if you bet $100

The higher the number that appears after the +/-, the more of an underdog/favorite the bet is. Of course, you will need to work out what level of risk you are willing to take when you are placing a bet.

Decimal odds

Decimal odds will be the second most common way of displaying betting odds in Florida. As you can probably guess from the name, they are displayed as a decimal.

The number displayed will be the amount that you would win from a $1 bet. So, if you saw decimal odds of 3.4, then you would know that you would win $34 if you bet $10.

It is worth noting that decimal odds are a little bit different from the other ways of displaying odds. With American odds and fractional odds, the odds displayed do not include your initial stake. So, if you bet $10, then you would receive a further $10 on top of your winnings. With decimal odds, this isn’t the case. Instead, they take into account your initial stake.

Don’t worry. You don’t earn less from decimal odds. It is just another way of displaying the same information.

Fractional odds

Fractional odds are a very European way of displaying betting odds. This means that you are likely to find them at sportsbooks that got their start in Europe. It is rare for them to be the default way of displaying odds in the United States.

Fractional odds will be displayed as fractions. For example; 10/1, 9/2, etc.

The first number will be your winnings. The second is the amount that you would need to bet to win the first number. For example, if you saw 9/2 odds, you would need to bet $2 to win $9. If you bet $1, then you would win $3.50.

Types of betting odds in Florida


When you are looking at betting odds in Florida, you will see that there are tons of different bets that you could potentially make.

We won’t be able to go through every single potential bet here. This is because NFL lines may be different from NBA lines. So instead, we will just give you a very quick overview of the types of bets that you may be able to make.


Moneylines are the simplest betting odds to understand. You will be gambling on which team you believe is going to win.

Since, most of the time, this is going to be pretty easy to predict, the payouts are never going to be huge. However, they can be the easiest bets to win.

Point spreads

Point spreads are similar to moneylines, although with a small twist.

With point spreads, you will be gambling on the final outcome of the match. However, the favorite team would start the game with a handicap. If you bet on the favorite, then you would be betting on them to overcome the handicap. If you bet on the underdog, then you are gambling on them to either beat the favorite or, if they lose, prevent the favorite from winning by too much.

For example, if you are looking at the favorite for an NBA game and they have a handicap of -2.5, then you know that for them to be a winner with a point spread, they need to beat the underdog by at least three points.


Futures betting odds look at the longer-term bets. So, rather than betting on what happens in an individual game, you will bet on what happens over the course of a season or tournament. So, for example, NBA playoff odds in Florida would have you gambling on who you believe would win the NBA playoffs.

Prop bets

Prop bets always offer the best betting odds if you are looking for a single bet.

With a prop bet, you are betting on the individual events that can happen in a game. For example, for an NBA game, you may bet on the number of three-pointers a player may score. If you are looking at Masters betting odds, then you may be gambling on whether a specific player hits the bunker on a certain hole.

Basically, any bet that does not involve the final outcome of a game or tournament.


Parlays are combined bet types. The idea is that you choose a variety of betting lines. These betting lines will then form a single bet. Of course, you would need each line to be a winner, otherwise, you won’t win a cent.

These are some of the toughest bets to win, but the odds are tremendous.

Live betting

Live betting odds allow you to bet while the game is in action. The betting options will be a bit more limited here. You will normally have access to just moneylines and point spreads.

Live bets are ideal for those that love strategic betting. This is because you need to have a solid read on the game if you want to make a sensible bet.

Sports betting odds in Florida FAQs

Are live sports betting odds in Florida available?

Yes. Most sportsbooks will allow you to bet on live events.

Can you switch between how sports betting odds in Florida are displayed?

Most sportsbooks in Florida will allow you to change the way in which the odds are displayed. This way you can work with an odds display system that you are comfortable with.

How often do sports betting odds in Florida change?

Due to the way in which betting odds change, they could feasibly change at any moment. They are more likely to change in the hours leading up to a game starting. During a live match, they will change almost constantly.

What are enhanced sports betting odds in Florida?

Enhanced betting odds are a promotion available on certain sportsbooks. Enhanced betting odds are when a particular bet gets a slight odds boost. It can be good to take advantage of these if you are a regular gambler.

Are soccer sports betting odds in Florida available?

Yes. Most quality sportsbooks in Florida will allow you to bet on soccer matches. This includes live betting and, on occasion, gambling on the lower leagues.