PointsBet Florida

The world of betting in Florida is changing, and companies like PointsBet are leading the charge. In this PointsBet Florida review, we will discuss one of the more unique betting options available in the state with a special PointsBet Florida promo code.

PointsBet Florida promo code

Let’s start by talking about the thing that people are always excited to see when they land on a new online betting site; the promo code.

Because there is a lot going on with the PointsBet promo code, we are not able to cover every single promotion that they offer. We would forever be updating this page (new ones are launched weekly), so we will just go through the main PointsBet bonus options.

Sign up promo

PointsBet in Florida offers a hefty $2,000 risk-free bet for all new registrations.

This won’t be a single bet, though. The risk-free bet will be split into two parts. This is to encourage you to take advantage of all of the sports betting features offered by PointsBet:

  • You will get $500 risk-free on a straight bet
  • You will get $1,500 risk-free on a PointsBetting bet

PointsBet Florida promo offers

PointsBet has one of the most generous promos systems in the state. Every bet that you place, win or lose, will earn you reward points.

These reward points can then be traded in for free bets, insurance bets, etc. If you collect enough points, you may even be able to join their VIP club (more on that in a short while)

Oh, and you know the best part? If you get any free bet on the site, there are no rollover requirements! This means that you can withdraw the winnings right away. No need to play through it multiple times.

PointsBet Florida bonus offer


Each day on PointsBet, you will be given two tokens:

  • A parlay boost token for a traditional parlay
  • A parlay boost token for a same-game parlay

These tokens can stack, so you don’t need to gamble every single day on the site. Although, do bear in mind that there is a cap to the stack.

When you activate the token on your parlay bet, the potential winnings from the parlay will be boosted!

Boosted odds bonus

There will always be about a dozen bets on the site that will have boosted odds applied to them. This will allow you to grab even more cash from bets on some of the bigger events featured at PointsBet.

PointsBet VIP club

There are a few VIP clubs available at PointsBet. They are invite-only clubs. The more you gamble at the site, the more chance you have of being invited into the VIP club.

If you do become a member of the VIP club, you will be able to enjoy even more cool bonuses.

Sport-specific PointsBet Florida bonuses

The site may also run sport-specific bonuses. These can be free bets if you bet a certain amount, parlay boosts, insurances, etc. You never quite know what to expect with these bonuses!

PointsBet Florida review


PointsBet in Florida may seem like one of the typical Florida sportsbooks. However, once you start digging around what it offers, you will notice that there are unique gambling options here that you won’t find at any other site in the state. This is known as PointsBetting. We are going to discuss how this works a little bit later on.

There are many people heading to PointsBet purely for PointsBetting. This is because a well-placed bet can earn you more than with any other online betting provider.

Of course, even if you are not into PointsBetting, there is still a lot to discover here for the average gambler. In this review of PointsBet in Florida, we are going to discuss the following:

  • How PointsBetting works
  • WHo PointsBet FL is aimed at
  • The various PointsBet bonus promotions available
  • The betting odds
  • Available sports ; open betting markets
  • Banking options

Who is the PointsBet sportsbook FL best for?

As we said, one of the main reasons why people head to PointsBet is for their PointsBetting feature. This feature can attract the big risk-takers in sports betting. While you can win massively, you can also lose a lot more than you initially staked.

Even if you do not pay attention to PointsBetting, you may like the wealth of promotions available on the site. PointsBet is always trying to do something a little bit different.

You may also want to check out PointsBet if you want consistently good betting odds, even if there are no enhanced odds promotions running.

Other options in the state:

PointsBet Florida customer experience


There are a few awesome features loaded into PointsBet Florida that we reckon a lot of gamblers will be excited about. How does the customer experience effect your Florida sports betting? Check it out!

Live streaming

There are a lot of live events featured on PointsBet. In fact, there will almost always be a dozen or so events that you can bet on live. You will have hundreds of them available each week.

Of course, live betting isn’t really all that unique. Nearly every betting site in Florida will have it. What is unique is that PointsBet will have some of its games available for live streaming. This means that if you have money in your PointsBet account, you can watch live sports at all hours of the day.

Stat visualization

When there is no live stream for a sport, you will have a ton of stats that you can use to make your in-play bets. Some games will even have animations that you can watch to help get a read of the game.

Honestly, the live betting at PointsBet is some of the best we have seen in the state.

Name a bet at PointsBet FL

We are sure that most of you have been in a position where you want to make a specific bet, but you can’t find it listed on the site.

PointsBet FL understands how irritating this can be. This is why they offer a cool little feature that will allow you to name a bet. This can include naming bets for markets they do not even have available.

All you need to do is give details of the bet that you want to make. This will be whisked away to the PointsBet odds team. They will make a decision on whether to accept your request. If they do, you will be given odds on it.

Karma Kommittee

Ever had one of your bets ruined due to a bad call or a season-ending injury?

PointsBet runs the Karma Kommittee (not a typo), which has the ability to refund any impacted bets when something major happens. They are pretty generous too.

PointsBet Florida mobile app


The PointsBet FL app is available on both Android and iOS devices.

All of the features that you will have come to expect from the desktop version of the site can be found on the mobile app. In fact, you will even be able to stream live sports from the palm of your hand!

If you check out the reviews for the PointsBet app, you will see that they are almost universally good. This doesn’t really come as a surprise to us. The PointsBet app is one of the smoothest betting experiences we have ever had.

One thing that particularly surprised us is that while there does tend to be a lot going on in the PointsBet app, it still works incredibly well on those older mobile devices. You may not be able to stream sports unless you are on Wi-Fi, but the full functionality is there otherwise.

PointsBet Florida customer support

Customer support at PointsBet is available 24/7. You can reach out to them via live chat. You can also drop PointsBet an email if you don’t feel your problem can be adequately described in just a few short lines.

Of course, the chances of you even needing to talk to the customer support team are slim. PointsBet has worked hard on their FAQ. It contains a great deal more information than any of the FAQs found on their competitors’ sites.

PointsBet Florida banking options

Want to get money into your account? These are the options that PointsBet gives you:

  • ACH
  • Visa ; Mastercard
  • PayPal
  • PointsBet Mastercard

Withdrawal options are:

  • Bank transfer
  • PayPal
  • PointsBet Mastercard

If you are planning on sticking around at PointsBet for the long term, then we suggest that you try and pick up their branded Mastercard. It offers the fastest withdrawal options. In fact, it has the ability to be instant.

PointsBet sportsbook FL available sports


PointsBet has a lot of sports. It would be rather pointless for us to go through all of them. After all, you already know that they are going to offer things like soccer, football, baseball, etc.

What we do want to point out is the fact that PointsBet offers some events that you may not be able to find elsewhere. For example, they offer both eSports and volleyball options.

You may also notice that PointsBet cycles in some even smaller events on occasion. This is partly due to the way in which their name a bet feature works. They like to keep tabs on what the punters want, and they make sure that they provide it.

PointsBet sportsbook Florida markets

There aren’t really any surprises when it comes to the open betting markets. Not unless there is a particular name a bet that has been popular.

On PointsBet, you can expect the following:

  • Moneylines (or run lines)
  • Point spreads
  • Totals
  • Futures
  • Props

Nearly every single bet on the site can be put into a parlay bet. This is dead simple too. Just add the bets to your betting slip and hit the parlay option. One of the cool things about the PointsBet sportsbook in FL is that many of the open markets pre-games will carry over to the live events.

PointsBetting in Florida

One of the main reasons why people head to PointsBet is to take advantage of the PointsBetting feature.

This is a particularly complicated feature to explain. However, we can assure you that it is easy to use once you get into the swing of things. We suggest that you read through the interactive guide on the PointsBet website if you want to properly understand how PointsBetting works. We will give you an overview here, though.

PointsBetting will be tied to points-based prop bets. This will mostly be played-focused. The idea is that you place a bet on a player achieving a certain number of points. You can bet on them being higher or lower than this amount.

For every point that the player beats your selection, the greater your return.

However, there is a caveat. The more ‘wrong’ you are with the bet, the more cash you will lose. This means that with PointsBetting, you can actually end up losing more than you initially staked. As we said at the start; this is a risky type of bet.



While PointsBetting is the main feature at PointsBet, even if you took that out, you do have one of the better online betting sites in Florida.

This site is going to be especially brilliant for those that are into their live betting and their parlays. This is all due to the wealth of features built specifically around those bet types.

However, we are fairly confident when we say that we reckon that everybody should find something of interest at the PointsBet Florida site.

FAQ Points Bet Florida

How old do you need to be to gamble at PointsBet in Florida?

You need to be 21-years-old.

How do you get a PointsBet Mastercard?

You can request it from the cashier option on the site. You can do this through their desktop site or mobile app.

Does PointsBet accept American Express in Florida?

No. You will have to use PayPal if you wish to deposit using American Express.

Does PointsBet in Florida offer boosted odds for live games?

Very rarely. The betting odds for in-play games will change far too frequently for this to be viable.

Can you live stream sports in the PointsBet FL mobile app?

Yes. Although, you may need to stream over Wi-Fi. If you use your mobile connection, there may be a small amount of lag.