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Florida sports betting bonus

The top sportsbooks in Florida are lining up with their games, special events, and betting bonuses as we get set for an exciting season for betting on all major US and international sports.

Overview of Florida betting bonuses 2024

On this page, we will discuss some of the features you need to consider as you choose the best betting sites that are right for you, but our major focus will be on the types of Florida betting bonuses that you can find online. We hope that our guidelines will make you more aware of the wonderful world of sports betting bonuses in Florida. Of course, use your own judgment to determine which sites work best for you, but you will have great options to play with house money in every case.

How to find the best Florida betting bonuses


There are a number of characteristics that make for a “good” online betting site, but newbies should look closely at one particular aspect that competing sportsbooks offer up. Pay attention to the types of sports betting bonuses that are available. There is nothing better than playing with house money, is there?

We have some great suggestions for you – DraftKings, FOX Bet, FanDuel, BetMGM, and Betrivers. They each offer great promotions and bonuses, both to new clients and existing ones.

What can you bet on in Florida?

Online bettors in Florida can bet on all major US sports and also earn sports betting bonuses doing so, these sports include:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Horse-racing
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Boxing
  • Motorsports

There are many international events to bet on as well, such as the Olympics, FIFA World Cup, and many tennis and PGA tournaments.

A good sportsbook will have certain features


As you choose the right online betting site, check to see if they pass the test on the following:

Reputation for reliability

Any good sportsbook should be receiving rave reviews online from both industry experts and customers. Ensure they are licensed to operate in Florida and that there are no red flags such as pending legal actions and sanctions against them from the regulatory boards.

Site design and technology

Every good Florida online sportsbooks should have a good site design and proper UI/UX that allows you to navigate quickly between pages with information that’s easy to locate. In addition, the pages should load quickly, and the display should be clear.

Access via multiple platforms

Not only should you be able to bet via desktops, tablets, and phones (both iOS and Android), great sportsbooks will usually have well-designed and user-friendly mobile apps.

Good betting lines and options

Sportsbooks that attract the most bettors typically open books early on anticipated events and offer a wide range of bets – including Moneyline/win bets, points spread, over-under, parlay and prop bets. They also offer competitive lines, though those may vary from site to site on the same event.

Live betting options

Live betting is where most of the fun these days. Choose Florida online sports betting sites that have fast, speedy interfaces and mobile apps, and watch out for special event bets that cover the gamut of normal betting options, along with specialized prop bets. This also offers bettors more options to recoup money in case some of their early bets do not look like paying off.

Convenient banking options

Banking should be convenient, flexible, and easy. Most major online betting sites will allow customers to use multiple methods to deposit and withdraw money, including major credit and debit cards, ACH transfers, online banking, PayPal, Skrill, PaySafe, Play+ cards, PayNearMe and Trustly.

Speed of deposits and withdrawals

Speed of deposits and withdrawals are also important, as is the fact that there should be no fees or large account balance requirements.

Customer service

All good sportsbooks offer excellent customer service, with options to chat online or via email or talk live over the phone.

Good bonuses are crucial

The next section discusses the types of Florida sports betting bonuses you can find while betting in the state.

Sports betting bonuses in Florida


Everyone likes free stuff. Why should online sports bettors in Florida be any different?

The good news is that all good sportsbooks, and certainly the five we strongly endorse, have a huge range of promotions for both new players as well as repeat bettors.

Some of the bonuses and offers are available to new clients only. Sign-up offers could include not only deposit bonuses but many of the other types of promos outlined below, including free and risk-free bets. Some sites offer no-deposit bonuses as well.

There are also a number of promos that could be available to returning bettors. Many sites, such as DraftKings, will offer promos regularly on different occasions, mostly on continuing bets.

Some random promos may also be offered to encourage bettors, which in turn means that you are less likely to get those offers if you keep winning consistently. Let’s see the types of promos that Florida online players can look forward to.

Deposit bonuses

When a new customer signs on to a site, most good sportsbooks offer sign-up promos in the form of deposit matching bonus offers – which means that the site matches your initial deposit amount up to a ceiling amount.

Sign-up bonuses are especially lucrative for newbies who want to feel their way through the first bet they play, given that they can save up their own money for later. Nothing like house money to get your feet wet.


Free bets – often to the tune of $250 or $500 – are offered in various shapes and flavors by every good sportsbook. But, of course, these are also ways to play with house money.

Different sites have different rules in terms of how the winnings can be collected, so make sure to read the guidelines. For example, some sites may allow winners to collect the whole amount of the bet (principal and winning amount) or just the winnings.

Risk-free bets

Risk-free bets have become a popular feature on every major online sports betting site. This type of promotion is one of the ways that are used to attract new customers, but there are many other situations where continuing bettors are offered risk-free bets at various points under certain situations.

The basic concept is simple – if you lose money the first time you bet with your own money, the sportsbook offering the promo will provide you with a refund up to a certain amount of your wager. However, study the fine print since sportsbooks may offer different deals under this type of sports betting bonuses in Florida. As an example, sites may differ on the following:

  • The ceiling till which the refund is offered may determine your bet amount when you are taking advantage of this sports betting bonus.
  • If you win, the amount you are allowed to collect if you win could also vary – some sites may allow only the winnings when you wager using a risk-free bet.
  • Refunds may come in various forms – a site credit or free bets for the amount of the refund is often issued, though cash refunds may be occasionally issued.

In addition to the above, there are occasionally minimum odds requirements. It is also important to remember that a refund can only be used on the first bet after the refund. So, if someone gets a refund of $1,000 and bets $20 on the next bet, they have wasted an additional $980 that they could have wagered.

Specific offers and promos based on events

Without going into specific details, most sportsbooks will offer promos that are specific to certain sports, especially big games like the Super Bowl and the MLB World Series.

There can also be specific promos that can be allowed during special events and during live events.

Check our pages for different sports to find out more.

Bonuses on live betting

As we discussed previously, live betting is an essential part of any good sportsbook’s repertoire. Not only that, sports betting during live in-game action will increase the enjoyment manifold.

Interestingly, along with live betting options, which involve updated odds as the game progresses, there could be specific bonuses and deals (such as free bets) handed out only during live betting.

In addition, some promos may apply on conventional bets such as over-under, points spread, and moneyline, but there are many prop bets (e.g., quarter or half specific bets) that promos could be offered on.

Odds boosts

Many sportsbooks will offer odds boosts on specific games or events, usually with a specific time window within which the offer must be taken up.

Odds boosts usually work in one of two ways:

  • The house (sportsbook) lowers its vig on a specific line for a game, which allows bettors a higher chance of winning overall since they win a higher amount on each win.
  • The odds could be skewed in favor of the underdog (compared to the normal), which means that the chances of winning go up tremendously.
  • Profit bonuses mean that if you win, you collect more than what the odds would suggest.

Some of the big sportsbooks also offer daily odds boosts, which are a great way to make money.

Rollover requirements

An additional thing to watch out for is turnover (or rollover) requirements. For example, with certain online sites, you could spot a 5x or 10x rollover requirement on bets wagered with refunds or bonuses, which means that you have to bet five or ten times as much on your next bet before you cash out.

Top five sportsbooks for bonuses in Florida


Each of the sportsbooks mentioned below fulfills the criteria we’ve set up for betting bonuses in Florida and consistently receives high marks from industry publications and customers alike. They are licensed, reputed, reliable, offer live betting and attractive lines, offer mobile apps, and great promos.

The list below shows some of the sports betting bonuses that are offered by our five recommended websites for sports betting enthusiasts in Florida.

  • DraftKings Florida: Up to $1000 (20% of initial deposit) + $10 Free Deposit.
  • BetMGM Florida: 25% sign up bonus + 100% deposit bonus up to $1000.
  • FanDuel Florida: Up to $500 (20% of initial deposit).
  • FOX Bet: Up to $500 (20% of initial deposit).
  • BetRivers: Up to $250 (100%) deposit matching bonus.
Other online betting bonuses in Florida

Bonuses are being added and updated constantly, plus there are special events and odds boosts. Plus, not each promo is available in each state. Do your own research before you sign up with a sportsbook and start placing bets.

Florida betting bonus FAQs

What are deposit bonus codes?

Sites will offer different bonus codes, which must be entered when signing up in order to get the promotions offered by the sportsbook.

Will I always find mobile sports apps and live betting options in Florida?

All good sportsbooks will offer both these features, including the five we recommend.

Why can’t I win consistently?

On normal (not odds boosted) betting lines, the chances of winning more than you after factoring in the vig makes it difficult to consistently stay in the black unless you win close to 60% of your wagers. For this reason alone, it makes more sense to limit your losses by not betting more than 5% of your total deposits on a single bet.

How can I research the site design and technology before I deposit funds?

It’s easy. You can go on any of the five sportsbook sites or mobile apps and go over all the options without any problems. Of course, you won’t be able to place live bets or access promos till you sign on and deposit funds, but you can find almost everything else you need to know.

Which site do you recommend?

It’s hard to select one, given that the betting lines, odds,, and promos all vary between sportsbooks for specific events. So why not sign on with multiple online betting sites? That way, you can mix and match and get the best offers for a specific event.