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Florida is not short on sports to bet on, home of some of the most powerful teams in the nation. Below, we will take a look at sports to bet on in Florida and highlight pro teams that you should keep on your radar for your next event.

Compare the sports markets in Florida

Florida is home to all kinds of sports, making it the perfect place for bettors to get in on the action. To get started with wagers, bettors will first have to find a operator, one that offers a solid welcome offer and features a long list of available sports markets.

It’s not just about knowing where to bet but how to bet, which is another thing we’ll be sure to cover. From the matches that pay to the pro teams expected to win, you’ll find all you need and more to get started in Florida today.

How to bet on sports in Florida


Florida sports betting come with a lot of possibilities. There are pro teams, college teams, and even minor league teams, all of which are available for Florida sportsbooks. Top ones even offer sports like rugby, table tennis, cycling, darts, and lacrosse, along with the most popular sports to bet on in Florida, which include:


Football betting Florida is a big deal all across the US, known as the most-watched sport in the country. Florida is home to three pro football teams, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Jacksonville Jaguars, and the Miami Dolphins.

The state is filled with fans of both, creating a bit of a rivalry between the two teams. However, as long as an FL team wins, Floridians are satisfied. To bet on pro teams in Florida, here are a few possibilities.

  • – Moneyline bet: Miami Dolphins beat the Buffalo Bills
  • – Prop bet: Jacksonville Jaguars will be the first to score in their next matchup
  • – Over/under: Dolphins v. Bills total points predicted: 42 – bet over or under
  • – Futures bet: Miami Dolphins will win the Superbowl (fingers crossed!)


The Tampa Bay Rays are Miami’s pride and joy when it comes to pro teams, champions of several tournaments and always giving the best MLB teams a run for their money. All of the top operators feature baseball betting, including DraftKings and BetMGM. A few of the top baseball betting in Florida options include:

  • – Futures bet: Shortstop Wander Franco will win MVP
  • – Moneyline: The Rays will beat the Boston Red Sox
  • – Totals: Rays v. Red Sox total points predicted 22 – bet over or under


If there is one thing that all Floridians can agree on, it’s their NBA team Miami Heat. The Heat has a superstar lineup of players, including point guard Kyle Lowry, power forward Jimmy Butler, and shooting guard Victor Oladipo. There are a number of possibilities to try your luck on basketball betting Florida, a few of which include:

  • – Futures bet: Kyle Lowry gets crowned MVP
  • – Futures bet: Miami heat will take the NBA Finals


The Florida Panthers are Miami’s pro NHL team, doing it big against top teams in the state. Hockey games in Florida are filled with excitement, making it the perfect sports match to stream live and make wagers right at the moment. Top pro hockey bets include:

  • – Moneyline: The Panthers will squash the Detroit Red Wings
  • – Futures bet: the Panthers will win the Stanley Cup 2021

Pro teams to bet on in Florida


Florida is one of the states in the US with the most pro teams, all of which you should keep on your radar for sports. Below, take a look at top pro teams in top sports markets for your next netting stint.


  • – Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • – Jacksonville Jaguars
  • – Miami Dolphins


  • – Miami Heat


  • – Tampa Bay Rays
  • – Miami Marlins


– The Panthers

Florida sports FAQs

Is betting on sports in Florida legal?

It’s recommended to only be using a operator that is licensed and legal to bet safely. Licensed ones are the only ones able to operate in Florida, so if you’re using one that is not, you could be at risk.

Who’s the most popular pro team in Florida?

Florida is home to several huge names in sports, including the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Miami Dolphins, Miami Heat, and the Tampa Bay Rays. All of them make it to the list of the top, by it’s their NBA team, Miami Heat, that gets all the buzz.

What’s the best sport to win money?

All sports come with the opportunity to bet and earn money. The most popular sports to bet on in Florida include football and basketball, both of which have plenty of opportunities to make bets and grow your initial investment.

Where can I get a sports betting bonus?

Most of them offer a betting bonus when you sign up. All new bettors have to do is create an account and make a qualifying deposit to collect a bonus, some of which will double the number of funds in their account.

What’s the most profitable sports bet?

The most profitable sports bet is the one you win! While it’s not the most profitable, the most popular is the moneyline bet, which bets on the overall winner of the match.