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Baseball betting in Florida

Are you as excited as we are that baseball betting in Florida is finally legal? If so, then you are probably already scouring the internet trying to find the best sportsbooks, bets, and odds for all of your favorite baseball teams. Trust me; we were doing the same. Luckily for you, we rounded up our information fast and decided to share it with the online sports betting world.

How to bet on baseball in Florida

For anyone interested in baseball betting in Florida, reading this article will give you an in-depth look at the top baseball betting strategies, baseball betting picks, and how to spot the best baseball odds.

We have also included a few of our favorite sports betting sites to help you find a reliable place to go when you want to place a bet on one of your favorite teams of players. These sites provide promos, fair odds, and easy-to-use platforms that will make wager easy and fun for everyone.

Top Sportsbooks for baseball betting in Florida


Are you looking for that amazing, go-to baseball site for all of your Baseball betting? Here are a few of our favorite sportsbooks in Florida you should consider giving a try.

FOX Bet Baseball odds

FOX Bet offers bettors a wide array of sporting options, with one of the largest being Baseball. This company also provides a user-friendly platform as well as friendly and helpful customer service.

Betrivers Baseball lines

Betrivers is a safe and professional sportsbook that offers players up to 12 different baseball bets every day. Choose from props bets, in-game betting, and other great options on your favorite Baseball teams.

BetMGM Baseball live betting

BetMGM Florida is a well-known reputable sportsbook that provides customers with an abundance of great promotions and bonuses. The interface is easy to navigate, and betting is simple.

Baseball betting at Draftkings

Draftkings Florida has always been one of our favorite sportsbook sites. This company is boosting its reputation day after day with impressive features and fair odds. Baseball fans should keep their eyes peeled as we are promised exclusive baseball content coming soon.

Fanduel Baseball

Fanduel Florida offers one of the best live-betting options out there, with many in-game wagers for many Baseball games. The odds are always fair, and the promotions are some of the best.

Understanding baseball odds


Baseball is a pretty simple sport to wager on. However, the way the game is laid out, the most common way to bet is through a Moneyline. This is where knowing the betting odds in Florida will come into play and help you win a larger payout.

A Moneyline is the way a win/lose bet is set up, offering a fair chance for both sides of the bet. The line is laid out with a + (based on the underdog) and a – (based on the favorite). The underdog is considered the lesser team and gives them even playing grounds.

It’s up to the bookie to determine what handicaps are appropriate for each wager. This is where shopping around for good odds can be helpful. Some sportsbooks may not necessarily offer odds in your favor, whereas others give you an advantage.

So let’s say the Miami Marlins are playing very well this season while the Redsox are playing less than their best. The sportsbook can create odds that look something like this.

Miami Marlins-7
NY Jets+7

If you were to wager $10 on the Jets, you would win $17 plus your wager. If you were to bet on the same bet but for the Marlins, you would put down $17 to win $10 plus your wager.

Ways to wager on baseball betting in Florida


Once you know where to go to find the best sportsbook for betting on baseball in Florida, you next need to decide which type of bet will give you the best outcome. Here are a few of the most popular ways to wager on professional baseball games on Florida sports betting.

Moneylines – baseball betting in Florida

A Moneyline is one of the easiest and best forms of betting in baseball. It is as simple as who will win the game. First, there is a set price for each team, and you put your money on who you think has the better chance of victory. Then, the bookie sets the odds after determining where each team stands performance-wise.

Future bets for baseball betting in Florida

Future bets are perfect for wagering on things like the World Series or the MLB finals. This is a form of betting that occurs early in the baseball season or even before the season starts.

Many sportsbooks offer future bet options for baseball events, and because they can be very hard to win, the payout is fantastic.

Live betting (in-game betting) on baseball in Florida

Live betting has become a very popular way to place bets in all states and on all sports. This is partially due to mobile sportsbook apps and also our fast-paced society.

Placing a live bet during a baseball game can be a huge adrenaline rush, which is what keeps players hooked after their first bet.

Although these wagers can be exciting, they are also hard to win, but if you manage to get it right, you could walk away with a nice win.

Five innings wager in baseball betting Florida

The first 5 innings are the best ones to wager on when you are betting on a well-performing pitcher. Starting pitchers who have the best arm usually go out first, and last between 5-8 innings before the “bullpen” steps in.

The five-inning bets are becoming more common in baseball sportsbooks and can include a lot of different sports markets.

Props bets for baseball betting in Florida

Prop bets are fun wagers in any sports, but some would argue they are especially exciting when betting on the MLB in FL. These bets have nothing to do with which team will win the game but what events may take place during the game.

Examples of Baseball prop bets include:

  • How many total bases will Austin Adams run in total?
  • Which player will break the first bat?
  • How many batters will David Luethje strike out in the first 5 innings?

Over/under for baseball betting in Florida

Over/under bets are some of the easiest ways to make a quick buck in a baseball game. These are simply wagers determining whether the bookie’s prediction for the game’s total score is going to be over or under the final results.

Although the total score is one of the more popular forms of over/under betting, it can also be used with the total number of strikes a pitcher throws or the total number of pop flies caught in one game.

Baseball betting lines in Florida

The betting line or point spread is when the sportsbook bookie determines which team is the favorite and which is the underdog, then setting a handicap to make the outcome equal on both sides. This is shown with a +/- next to the odds.

In a game played by the Miami Marlins vs. NY Jets, the Jets will be given a handicap due to their slow start at the beginning of the season, making them the underdog. The Marlins will then be the favorites, starting them in the negative on the line. (Miami -5/ Jets +5).

This line indicates that the Marlins must win by more than 5 points if you wagered on them to win the bet. The Jets will have to get within 5 points.

Tips for baseball betting in Florida


Florida is home to two Baseball teams, the Miami Marlins, and the Tampa Bay Rays. When looking to wager on either of these two teams, you need to have a plan in place, or the baseball sportsbook companies will eat you alive.

Bet against popular Baseball picks

Most of the time, bettors are going to place their money on teams that had great seasons the year before, have popular strong players, and home teams due to the gut instinct that these teams have great track records and will then, in turn, win again.

Statistics show this isn’t always true, and wagering on the underdog can give you quite the payout nearly half of the time.

Keep a close eye on the weather

Statistics have shown that the weather can largely impact a baseball game, more so, the ball after being hit. But, unfortunately, there are many times mother nature has decided to jump in and take over an inning or two.

The numbers show that when the wind picks up, anything over 5mph can affect the path of a baseball, turning a home run into a foul ball.

Bet against the favorite teams

The odds are always higher paying for the underdog teams. The wager is also going to be much lower for the dog as well. In this case, you will put less money down on a bet and could possibly win a larger payout.

Because the majority of bettors are wagering on the favorites team, the line spread will be priced at a much higher cost. Sportsbooks are more likely to hike up the wager for the more popular teams such as the Yankees, Redsocks, and Cubs because players are willing to go big.

In the end, you will get a small payout for a win or suffer a huge loss if you lose. On the other hand, you will only have to put down a fraction of the cost for the underdog and only lose out on the money you wager if they lose, but if there is a win, you are going to get a pretty decent chunk of change.

Shop around for the best bets

There are no rules stating you can only wager with one baseball sportsbook. It is actually recommended you have multiple accounts. Having options will give you a chance to find the best odds available, saving you money and aggravation.

Having multiple baseball sportsbook accounts will also open you up to many baseball sportsbook promotions and deals, and you will have a chance of saving even more overall.

Manage your money and watch out when playing parlays

Oftentimes bettors get caught up in the excitement of the bet. Either they are on a winning streak and can’t quit, or they keep losing and are chasing that one win to earn their losses back.

Discipline is key for all bettors when it comes to their funds.

A good rule of thumb is to wager about 3% of your deposit on each bet. If you are a newbie to the world of sports betting, stick with smaller bets like 1%-2%. Never falter from the plan, and you will never end up in an unforgiving situation.

Also, try to steer clear of parlay bets. Bookies are known to offer some pretty unfair odds for the parlay options they set up, knowing players will overlook it while concentrating on the high payout.

Baseball betting in Florida FAQs

Is there a legal age to be on baseball games in Florida?

Yes. Like all other forms of gambling, you must be 18 years or older in order to wager on any sporting event in the state of Florida.

How can you find sportsbook promotions for Baseball games in Florida?

You can easily find promotions and bonuses for any Baseball game by searching the sportsbook website or social media pages.

What are the biggest events you can wager on for Baseball games?

The two largest games played in Baseball is the World Series and the MLB playoffs. Both of these events bring in millions of bettors and pays out huge sums of money.

What do the +/- signs mean in Baseball betting?

The +/- signs are the odds that make up the Moneyline for a baseball bet. This is to keep odds fair for both sides, giving a handicap to the underdog. What is a Future bet in baseball betting in FL? A future bet is when you wager on a game scheduled far into the future. For example, many people will start to place bets on the World Series at the beginning of the baseball season.