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Florida Sport Betting Promos

Whether you are new to the sports betting world or an existing player, there are plenty of promotions available to get you started with wagering with promos on your favorite teams. This promo page will go over some of the aspects of Florida sports betting promos and what you need to know to get started.

All Florida sportsbook promotions

Florida sportsbook promotions are incentives for customers to join a sports betting promo site and do business with them. Depending on the sport, the time of year, and the sportsbook operator, promotions vary across the scope of the sportsbook world.

Florida betting promos sports list

We are going to go over what sports Florida betting promos are available that you can place wagers with, plus the types of promotions that are commonly available to customers on a regular basis. To get you started, we will highlight some of the top sports betting sites and their promotions in Florida at the current time. Let’s get started.

Best Florida sportsbooks promos


We took the time for you to find a few of those reliable Florida sportsbooks promos that you can trust your money with on your gambling adventure. The best Florida sportsbooks promos offer some great incentives for joining their site, and also have outstanding promotions for their existing customers also.

The promo options in the state

Take a look at some of the promo options offered in the state:

FanDuel betting promo

FanDuel is a company that allows players to compete against each other in contests in both real and fantasy games. FanDuel Florida members are automatically enrolled in their rewards program and earn “FDP,” or FanDuel Points, based upon their participation and spending habits.

All you have to do to be eligible for the promotions is to download the FanDuel mobile application and sign up for an account. FanDuel caters to their new sign ups the most with a few promotions that might catch your eye. These promotions include:

● Sign-Up promo- Deposit $20 and Get $20 – deposit $20 and receive a $20 promotion to use in another contest.

● Code  – use this code to sign up for new products and get new user promotional offers also.

● FanDuel Fantasy – be able to play for free all season while still being eligible to win real money in various contests.

● FanDuel Sportsbook free first bet – get your first bet of up to $1000 risk free on FanDuel’s site.

● FanDuel Casino – wager up to $1000 in play risk free at FanDuel’s casino area online.

● FanDuel Racing – FanDuel will match your first $50 deposit when betting on select races.

DraftKings Sportsbook promo

This is another company that deals with both regular sports and fantasy leagues if you choose. DK is another reputable sportsbook site that ensures customer satisfaction with its experience. DraftKings Florida also offers various promotions depending on what season it is for certain sports and of course has some good options for its new prospects. Some promotions include:

● Referral promo- refer a friend and you both can get up to $100 promofor your friend joining DraftKings based on the terms and conditions on their site.

● 20% Deposit promos- get a 20% deposit promoon your deposit of up to $1000. If you deposit $1000 that means $200 extra to bet with!

● Free Play Pools – DraftKings has their own selection of free to play contests available for when you are low on funds that can result in real winnings.

● NFL Same Game Parlay – bet on 3 football teams to win this season in a week and receive a free bet to go along with it.

Caesars promotions

Caesars Sportsbook Florida and Casino is affiliated with the physical casino so famously known in Las Vegas and other locations in the United States. Their promotions to new customers along with their rewards program offers a few good reasons to join this sportsbook to wager your funds.

● Rewards Program – Caesars has different tiers based on your points that provide perks such as dining and hotel freebies and tickets to popular events.

● GORF First Bet Match promo- Caesars will match any bet up to $1001 using their mobile application.

● LINEUPSRF – this promo code will get you a $100 free bet in select states.

BetMGM Sportsbook promos

BetMGM Florida is another sportsbook we wanted to highlight in our article since it is also one of the sportsbooks with a great reputation in customer satisfaction and security. This provider has a rewards program just like the other sportsbooks we have mentioned and has several promotions available for new customers as well.

● NFL Week Predictions – win up to $50,000 if you pick the top 6 scoring teams in a week with this promotion.

● 8-bit Barry – win free bets and tokens in this game involving Barry Sanders.

● Parlay King Contest – enter your parlay including at least 3 teams to win a chance at $1,500 in free bets.

More sports betting promos in Florida

Florida sports betting promo codes offers


Florida sports betting promo codes usually come in a few different forms. Some require a deposit and ones that don’t require a deposit with a promo code. Some are attached to a bet placed with the promise of additional funds provided you win the bet. Many are contests that are available through the Florida sports betting promo code offers.

Florida sports betting promo codes are constantly changing for new ways to drive customers to their website, and it’s worth taking advantage of as a new or existing player. These promotional opportunities allow you to make some extra cash from your winning wager.

Not only do Florida bonuses land some extra cash in your wallet, but they are an exciting way to join in on the betting fun every week, with the ability to place specific bets on both teams and players.

Reduced juice promo codes Florida

Juice is commonly also referred to as vigorish, or “the vig.” It is the fee that sports betting promos collect on every winning bet.

Reduced juice promo codes bring wagers closer to their market value by eliminating some of this fee as a special offer for customers. These offers are a perfect way to get new players started when they first join the sports betting site.

Most sports betting sites run lines that are -110, which means you need to bet $110 to win $100. Sites run deals often that give discounts such as running the lines at -105 instead.

Florida promo code VIP

Every site that we have come across for Florida betting promo codes has offered a free membership to a rewards program for their customers. Often consisting of tiers and different point values to reach certain levels, taking a look at these possible achievements is important before selecting a sportsbook to bet with.

Promotions often come in the form of rewards to customers for spending a certain amount of money with the sportsbook operator. The more you spend the higher your “level” and the more rewards you are eligible for.

Promotional rewards include things such as live entertainment, hotel and travel reservations, dining perks, tickets to events, and free plays on selected games.

Boosted odds promo code FL

Boosted odds promo codes in FL are another promotional tool used to attract people to sports betting sites. Boosted odds promos do this by lowering the vigorish just like reduced juice promos, and gives better payouts for winning wagers.

The odds of winning don’t necessarily change, but the payout associated with the win does. For instance, a betting line will be increased from -200 to -180, boosting the payout of a winning bet.

Deposit and no deposit promos for Florida

Deposit promotions come in the form of a matched bet, matched deposit, or certain percentage of your deposited funds. These promotions also usually have an amount of required play attached to them before you can withdraw any funds to your account.

No deposit promotions usually come in the form of a code available through email or after searching the web for codes customers may have received themselves and reposted for others to use. These promotions, while free, usually require a certain amount be played before you can withdraw the amount of your winnings.

Ongoing Florida promo codes

Many Florida promo codes are sport specific and vary every single day as to what they are and how your wager can be placed. Checking the site you are a member of on a regular basis along with any other sites of interest for new promo codes is recommended to receive the best deals possible for your betting.

What sports can you use Florida betting promos on?


Florida betting promos are available for almost any sport you can think of. Sports available to bet on include the following:

● College and professional basketball

● College and professional football

● Tennis

● Soccer

● Baseball

● Hockey

● Formula 1

● Table Tennis

● Rugby


● Golf

● MMA and Boxing

All these sports have unique bets that can be placed. Oftentimes there will be special promotions for a certain sport, such as picking the top NFL teams in a week who score the most points.

How to use your sports promotion in Florida


When signing up for a sportsbook operator, they usually list their promotions on their website, or even advertise them on TV and on the internet. Promotions are usually easy to find as they are the top way companies attract customers to their services. Make sure you read the terms and conditions of the promotions and website before joining so you get a rundown of what’s involved.

Find sports promos Florida

Once you have found an online company that you want to do business with, starting an account is a pretty simple process. You will need an email account and your personal information to get started.

Upon signing up, this is usually where you will want to claim your promotion. Many Florida promotions have codes associated with them to enter as you are signing up for the sportsbook. Some promotions are received while you are an existing customer.

Online Florida sports betting sites have an assortment of deposit options available for you to put your funds to use. These options range from bank account and credit or debit card, to PayPal, Venmo, and wire transfer. Picking a reputable site is important to ensure your funds are safely transferred. Most deposits are instantly available for your wagering needs.

Make sure you check out the withdrawal options also, so if you do gather some winnings, they have a method that works for you to receive your money. Most of the withdrawal options are the same as the deposit options, with the exception of receiving a check in the mail. Most withdrawals take 1-5 business days to process.

Florida sports promo deals


There are multiple reasons that you can join a sportsbook, with the promotions available to you being one of them. Florida sports promo deals are the number one way that most sportsbooks attract customers to their service. If you are considering joining a sportsbook, there is surely a promotional opportunity or code available to receive some extra form of perk with your commitment to the site.

Make sure you go over the terms and conditions with not only the promotions but the website of your choosing to make sure it has all the options you see fit. Check the deposit and withdrawal options to make sure you can get your money out as easily as it was to place it in your account.

As always, try to make the experience an entertaining one for yourself and don’t lose more than you are prepared to deal with. Sportsbooks try to ensure you have a great time while placing all your bets, and often reward you for doing so.

FAQ Florida sports betting promotions

How can I pick a good sportsbook online?

Besides the ones we have gone over in this article, researching any sportsbooks you find in a search for reliable information such as customer reviews is always a great way to vet any site that you are considering joining.

How do I find ongoing promotions in FL?

Checking out the sites we have listed is a great start, and an online search will yield you multiple results.

Does it cost money to get a Florida sportsbook promo?

How old do I have to be to join a sportsbook?

What promotions are available in Florida?

Exactly like in-person casino gambling, you must be 21 or older to participate in online sportsbook operations.