Fanduel Florida

One thing that has always baffled us about online betting is that there are far too few sites that focus on the whole customer experience. Luckily, sites like Fanduel Florida shake things up a little on this front. If you are a gambler that wants to feel cared about when you bet, then you need to read this review.

Fanduel Florida promos


Fanduel has its hand in a lot of gambling pies. This means that not all of their promotions are going to be available to sports gamblers. However, fret not. Even on the sports betting front, Fanduel in Florida delivers.

FanDuel Florida promo code

This isn’t a promotion that will constantly be running. It normally happens during pivotal moments of the season like during a commercial. You will want to keep an eye on the promo code page to know when these promos are going to be running.

Promo code $200

Some sports will encourage you to start placing parlays. You will then get a single parlay insurance with a promo code $200. This means if one of the betting lines is a loser, then you will receive your initial stake back in bonus cash.

Free bets promo monday night

This is much like the parlay insurance in that it is not going to happen all of the time. Once again, keep an eye on that promotions page if you want to know when these bonuses are going to be running on the special monday night.

With free bets, you will earn free bets if you gamble a certain amount. For example, there is a regular promotion where if you place a basketball parlay for at least $10, you get $10 in free bets on the site.

FanDuel bonus Florida


Here is a small gathering of the FanDuel bonuses that you can enjoy at this site (we couldn’t cover them all, there are too many!)

FanDuel sign up bonus Florida

Brand new to the site? Fantastic!

Every new person that sign up for Fanduel will get a $1,000 risk-free bet. it is one of the more generous risk-free bets too, with very few stipulations in place. Although, we do encourage you to ensure that you read through those terms and conditions so you know what you are getting yourself in for.

If you regularly gamble in Florida, then you will likely know what a risk-free bet entails. Nearly every online betting provider offers them.

If you don’t, then it simply means that your very first bet can be placed risk-free. If you win, that is cool. If you don’t, that initial stake (up to $1,000) will be returned to your account in bonus cash and you can use it on something else.

Refer a friend

We know that you are going to love Fanduel. As with most gamblers, when they love a website, they end up telling their friends about it. We are positive that you are going to want to do that here.

Unlike other online betting sites, you are actually going to get something for referring a friend. In fact, the two of you can end up with a cool $100 in free bets should your friend end up making a deposit on the site.

Fanduel Florida review


Fanduel in Florida may not be the largest site in the state but, guess what? That doesn’t really matter all that much. While the site is lacking in size, it is one of those sites that does things properly. When new punters land at this online betting provider, they are pulled in. They get to enjoy one of the best betting experiences around.

Even though Fanduel does so much more for Florida sports betting, they still spend a huge amount of time ensuring that their sports gambling side of things works nice and fluidly. You will always be able to enjoy some epic betting promotions. Thrown on top of this, they have competitive betting odds and oodles of ways to get money in and out of your account.

In this Fanduel sportsbook review, we will discuss all of this (and a whole lot more):

  • What the main perks for gambling at this site are
  • The banking options
  • All about the Fanduel mobile app in Florida
  • Sports and open betting markets
  • The amazing promotions

Let’s jump in!

Fanduel sports betting Florida


When you use Fanduel sports betting Florida, you will be able to enjoy a wealth of different benefits. Obviously, every gambler wants something different from the places that we gamble. We certainly do. As keen gamblers, we love the following about the Fanduel sports betting Florida site:

  • The number of promotions targeted at sports punters
  • The great betting odds
  • How easy it is to reach out to customer support
  • The constant quest by Fanduel to be the best online betting site around

Fanduel FL offers

Even though Fanduel Florida has a wealth of gambling options on their site, we are pleased to say that the focus will still be on their Florida sportsbook. You won’t be distracted by the bright lights of other gambling adventures.

Because Fanduel doesn’t really offer a huge number of sports, there won’t be a wealth of menus to navigate through. You won’t really have to do a whole lot of scrolling either. You will be able to find the bets that you want to place in no more than a few seconds.

Your bet slip is going to be available on every page. This will always allow you to see, at a glance, what bets you are going to be placing.

All in all, using Fanduel is a true joy. One of the better sites in Florida for the customer experience. The best part is that it is evident that Fanduel is always attempting to refine the way that they do things. Barely a visit to the site goes by where there aren’t a few changes to the interface in a bid to make things so much better for their site users.

Fanduel app Florida


The Fanduel Florida app is there for anybody using iOS or Android devices. Unlike other betting providers, the app has been designed for everybody. This means that you do not necessarily need the latest and greatest device to enjoy roaring speeds from the app. It works on older devices with ease.

The mobile Fanduel app Florida has been designed just as wonderfully as the desktop website. It is intuitive to use, and you will be darting around the app like a pro in next-to-no time at all.

Since this is a native app (rather than a shrunken-down version of their site), everything loads fast. It also fits the screen well, so whether you are using a tablet or a cellphone, this is an app that is going to work tremendously well for you.

We don’t think there is a single feature of the desktop site which you won’t be able to use on your mobile device, which is also awesome.

More options

Fanduel FL banking options

Have you been hooked by the idea of Fanduel yet? Fantastic! Although, as brilliant as this site is, it is still going to be pretty useless unless you have some cash in your account. Luckily, Fanduel provides tons of options.

Here are your deposit options on the site:

  • Credit ; debit cards (only Visa and Mastercard will be supported)
  • Bank transfer
  • ACH
  • PayNearMe

PayNearMe is actually a pretty awesome option. This is because it allows you to load up your account using cash. As long as you have a CVS or 7-Eleven near you, you are good to go.

When you do win (and we are rooting for you!) then these are your withdrawal options:

  • Bank transfer
  • Check
  • ACH

Fanduel FL betting odds

One thing that you are about to discover is that Fanduel has a limited number of sports in comparison to other online betting sites. It does this for a reason.

By limiting the number of sports, it limits the number of betting markets.

By limiting the number of betting markets, they are able to laser-focus on certain markets and ensure that they are offering the best betting odds possible.

The result is an online betting site that doesn’t need to offer countless enhanced odds promotions to keep people interested. It just needs to offer standard betting odds.

Unless you are gambling thousands of dollars a month, we reckon that you would be perfectly content only gambling at Fanduel.

Fanduel Florida available sports

These are all the sports that you can gamble at at Fanduel. There are going to be no major surprises here. However, as we said, this is sometimes a good thing. It is one of the things that helps to ensure that Fanduel in Florida can consistently offer the best betting odds in the state:

  • Aussie rules
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Handball
  • Ice hockey
  • MMA
  • Motorsports
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Soccer
  • Table tennis
  • Tennis

Fanduel sportsbook Florida sports


As with most sites in the state, the Fanduel sportsbook Florida will spend a huge amount of time promoting American sports. However, this isn’t the only thing that they have going for it.

You will also find betting markets from around the world. Of course, most of these leagues and events are going to be in popular international sports such as soccer, cricket, and rugby.

In terms of betting markets, Fanduel sportsbook Florida focuses a lot on new punters. This means that you aren’t going to be getting the crazy bet types that you will find elsewhere. Fanduel covers the following, although do bear in mind that open markets can vary depending on the sport:

  • Moneylines
  • Point spreads
  • Totals
  • Futures
  • Handicaps
  • Props

If you love your props, then you are absolutely going to love Fanduel sportsbook Florida. Because the site loves people building up parlay bets, you are going to find a tremendous number of props for just about every game. This way you can stack your betting slip with them.

Live betting at Fanduel sportsbook FL

Fanduel sportsbook FL is one of the sites that makes live betting feel fun.

One of the great things about Fanduel live betting is the number of events they always have running. Unlike other betting providers, you aren’t just going to have your typical moneyline available here. Depending on the game, you could easily have dozens of open betting markets.

The philosophy that Fanduel has about betting odds passes on nicely to the live betting side of things too. There are a ton of great odds for these events. In fact, because of this, most people make Fanduel their home for live betting.

Fanduel FL customer support


Continuing with their mission to ensure that the customer experience is sublime for every browser is their customer support team.

You will be able to access the live chat and speak to their team 24/7. It is evident that they have employed a ton of staff for this job, because we have found that they answer the vast majority of questions in just a couple of minutes.

Of course, it is rare that you will even need to get in touch with their customer support team. Fanduel has tried to ensure that they have one of the best FAQs available in Florida. This means that most of your questions are going to get answered with no more than a couple of taps of your mouse (or screen, if you are using the app!)

FAQ Fanduel sportsbook Florida

Does Fanduel in Florida accept any eWallets?

Not at the moment.

How do you make a PayNearMe deposit at the Fanduel sportsbook in FL?

Head to the cashier option on the site and select PayNearMe. This will generate a code that you can take to your local PayNearMe location to top up your account.

What is the Fanduel sportsbook FL new user offer?

The new offer, with a sign up bonus is a risk free bet in Florida.

Does Fanduel in Florida offer the English Premier League?

Yes. Every game in the English Premier League is going to be covered on the site. This includes for live betting.

Does Fanduel FL offer live sports streaming?

The site does not currently offer live sports streaming.