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Event Betting in Florida

Betting is not just something you do to win money at the slot machine or spice up the sports seasons. People tend to place wagers on a daily basis without even noticing it. For example, people bet whether or not it will rain that day or if their pregnant family member is going to have a boy or girl. Most of the time, you don’t win anything for these bets, but there are actually many novelty bets available for legal wagers with sportsbook sites, and they can be more fun to play than the typical types of bets.

Types of event betting in Florida

This article will be full of all the fun ways you can wager on events big or small that may or may not look different from the bets you are used to seeing.

Have you thought about making money on who is going to be the next “Americas Got Talent” winner or who will win the Presidential election? There are endless opportunities to wager on just for fun or to put some extra dollars into your pocket through online betting sites.

Let us take a quick look into the more popular events people love to wager on and discuss how you can take advantage of this exciting world of wagering. We will even dig into the best sportsbooks to wager on in Florida and why we like them so much. Read on for an interesting article into event betting in Florida.

Top sports event betting in Florida


Americans love their sports. That is not a secret. However, some sports are a little more popular in the U.S than others, and these bring about enormous betting opportunities for sports lovers and gamblers alike.

Some of the top sports events you can be on are the final games that determine the best player, racer, or team of the year. Here are a few of those season finale events and the bets that are commonly placed on them.

The World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is a professional soccer tournament held every four years. The three years before the world cup takes place is the qualification phase, which will reduce 211 teams down to only 32, that will play in the World Cup Tournament.

Because of how these games are set up, you can wager on many different types of bets leading to the world cup, including futures bets, parlays, and prop betting.

Examples of World Cup bets:

  • Prop bet: Which player is going to get a hat trick during the game?
  • Over/Under bet: In Croatia vs. France, a bookie starts an over/under bet the final score will end at six final points. If you wager over and the game ends at 4 points, you will lose.
  • Moneyline bet: France is considered the favorite team, and Croatia is the underdog. The odds will look something like- France(-175) Croatia(+175). If France wins and you wagered $175, you would win your money back plus $100.

World Series

Unlike soccer, baseball has its largest event annually. This World Series championship event is determined by the “best of seven” playoff games. Whichever team wins is awarded the Commissioner’s Trophy.

Wagering on the World Series can be fun because there are many different games, plays, and novelty options to wager on.

Examples of World Series Bets:

  • Total Runs: In a game with the Los Angeles Dodgers vs.Tampa Bay Rays, you can decide whether or not the bookie’s prediction of total runs for the game is over or under the actual outcome.
  • Player Props: A great prop bet for the World Series is which player will break the most bats during the game.
  • Team Props: A great example of team prop bets for the world series is which team will hit the game’s first home run.

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl may actually be the biggest game of the year bettors are drawn to. This annual football finale pairs the two best football teams from the NFL against each other for a final showdown at the end of the season.

This event offers many of the typical types of bets such as money lines, live-bets, and totals and more “interesting” bets, such as who will make a guest appearance during half-time or if someone is going to streak during the game.

Examples of Super Bowl bets:

  • Prop bet: Which team will get the first touchdown?
  • Future Bet: Will there be a score in the last 10 mins?
  • Money Line: In a game between Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Dallas Cowboys, Tampa Bay would be considered the favorites and the Cowboys the underdog. The odds would look something like (Tampa Bay -225, Dallas +225)

Current event betting in Florida


Now, let’s take a look at bets you can place that have nothing to do with sports events. These are a little more interesting and can definitely mix things up for those looking to wager but not sports fans.

Betting on current events or future events probably won’t give you the same payout as wagering on the Super Bowl, but it’s a great way to pass the time.

Presidential election

The presidential election is a much more concrete way of winning a bet. It is a simple black and white wager that will have an actual outcome, and people place money on these elections and other political events all the time.

You don’t have to just bet on “who will win,” but you can wager on who is going to play “dirty” or who is going to spend more on their campaign.

There is a lot of money to be won in some of these political bets. If you were to look at the odds for the previous presidential elections, many sportsbooks really profited from the race. Looking into the odds for 2024, we may break some political wagering records.

Winners of Music Awards/Movie Awards

Betting on events like the winners (or losers) of movie and music awards is another way thousands and millions of people can wager on the same events simultaneously, giving sportsbooks and betting sites a whole new market to collect on.

There are many different categories in these types of events which makes the betting pool phenomenal. A few of the awards ceremonies or events include:

  • Academy Awards
  • CMA Awards
  • The Grammy Award
  • MTV music video awards
  • The Golden Globe
  • The Oscars

The weather

Have you ever considered betting on the weather? People do it all the time but never usually make money from it. But, interestingly enough, you can! Are you going to have a white Christmas? What will they name the next hurricane? What is the snowfall for the year going to be?

Video Games

It is a little crazy to think about how popular video gaming has become. It is almost like a sporting event with the tournaments, YouTubers, and prizes and money that can be made just by partaking in the event.

Video game tournaments and events are great places for wagering. With these games, you can wager on who is going to reach the highest score, who will be the youngest winner, or which game is going to be played the most.


Reality TV has spiced up the television entertainment industry as well as the betting industry. These shows seem unpredictable and exciting, leaving people to speculate what is going to happen next. That is what makes reality tv a great place to wager.

There are many different shows that make for exciting and interesting betting fun. A few shows people commonly place money on include:

  • Americas Got Talent
  • The Voice
  • Big Brother
  • Survivor
  • The Masked Singer
  • The X-Factor
  • The Bachelor
  • The Bachelorette

Weird events to bet on

The existence of aliens/bigfoot/Nessie

For those who like to believe some aliens and monsters live among us, and we just haven’t had proof yet, you can wager on the possibility. Although no one has won any bets as far as legit evidence supporting their existence, you can wager on other aspects such as, was that photo altered or will the DNA come back “unknown.”

The End of the World

Like the existence of the “unknown,” no one has been able to cash in on the final conclusion of this wager yet. However, many people will put down money on a specific date or time they believe the world will end; once that has passed, those people have lost their bets.

Sportsbook for event betting in Florida


If you are looking for some sportsbooks you can use for event betting in Florida, look no further. We have compiled a list of five big-name Florida sports betting sites that are reputable, professional, and perfect for wagering on any type of event.

  • FOX Bet event betting: FOX bet is easy to navigate and offers bettors an array of wagers and events to place bets on. It is a popular and well-known brand that offers a fair share of promos and bonuses.

FOXBet welcome bonus: Up to $500 risk-free bet

  • Betrivers betting events in FL: The Betrivers sportsbook is your basic, reliable, and professional sports betting site. It is user-friendly and offers a variety of betting options.

Betrivers welcome bonus: $250 deposit match

  • BetMGM FL event bookie: BetMGM is a well-known and trusted brand. They offer plenty of betting options as well as great promotions and benefits for all players.

BetMGM welcome bonus: First deposit match up to $1000

  • Draftkings Florida event odds: Draftkings is a reputable sports betting site that is well-known for great customer service, easy-to-place bets, and a friendly atmosphere.

Draftkings welcome bonus: $500 match on first deposit

  • Fanduel Florida event wagers: It is very easy to get around the Fanduel site, making it quick to place bets, deposit money, and withdraw winnings. They offer competitive promos and bonuses to their new and current customers.

Fanduel welcome bonus: Up to $500 deposit match

What types of bets can you place on event betting in Florida?


You can bet on events with many of the same types of wagers as sports betting for all of the different types of events. The rules will look pretty much the same, however, the outcomes are going to differ greatly.

Futures Bet

These are pretty simple and straightforward. For example, you can wager on who will win the final episode of the Survivor or which team is going to take home the World Cup. These types of bets are great for event betting because the end result isn’t that easy to determine, and just about anyone can win.

Props Bets

A props bet during an event can keep gambling on sports light-hearted and fun. But, unfortunately, most of these bets are hard to in, and the payout isn’t usually all that high.

Money Line

Putting cash down on a Moneyline bet during any event is a straightforward way to make some big profits if you win. These are perfect for events and novelty bets because it’s as simple as choosing one side or the other.

Event betting in Florida FAQ

How old do you have to be to legally bet in Florida?

Florida is one of the very few states that allow residents as young as 18 years of age to gamble. This includes sports and event betting.

Can you legally bet on sportsbook sites when wagering on events in Florida?

Yes. Florida is a state that allows its residents to wager on sporting and non-sporting events through online sportsbook sites. As long as the sportsbook you are using is licensed and legal in the state of Florida, it is legal to bet on it.

What are the best bets for non-sports events in Florida?

We believe the best type of bet for non-sports betting events in Florida are prop bets; these are fun and creative ways to wager on hundreds of events.

What are the best novelty bets to wager while event betting in Florida?

Betting on real-world events like politics, reality t.v, and award ceremonies are the best type of events to wager on. This is because they are topics everyone in the nation can take part in, making wagers higher and payouts bigger.

How do you find a sportsbook for event betting in Florida?

There are many sportsbooks available for event betting. You can choose from the list above, or you can search the internet for sportsbooks legal in the state of Florida.