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Banking options Florida

For Floridians, choosing a sportsbook with lots of payment options matters. Now that betting on sports online is legal in Florida, Florida can now choose their preferred sportsbook and start betting on their preferred matches. That‘s why we’re here with the scoop on where you can play and the best banking options for your sports betting needs in Florida.

Banking options for Florida

Before taking off and placing wagers on the most anticipated sports matches of the year, bettors in Florida should find a sportsbook. There are a lot out there, and not all of them are created equal. That’s why we’ve outlined the top sportsbooks around.

We also lined up the banking options offered in sportsbooks, helping you find the one that suits you and gives you the best and fastest return. Finally, we’ll wrap up with some pros and cons of fast payouts and leave you with all you need to start making your first online sports bets.

banking options


Before we get to the banking options, we’ll first take a look at the best sportsbooks on the web. All of those listed below have several banking options in FL, some of which offer immediate withdrawals. If you’re looking for a preferred sportsbook, look no other than our top 4.

FanDuel banking

FanDuel Florida offers banking options like PayPal, debit and credit cards, and online bank transfers. All deposits are free and come with a required minimum of $10.

DraftKings funding options

DraftKings Florida is one of the top betting sites for sports and includes events like fantasy sports, basketball, and football. Those that are interested in logging in and making a bet can do so with a number of payment methods, including PayPal, debit and credit card, and even gift cards.

PointsBet pay-in options

With PointsBet, all you need is $5 to start. Deposit your money using a debit or credit card, PayPal, or any other e-wallets, and then you can enjoy betting on all of your preferred events on the sportsbook of your choice.

BetMGM payment options

BetMGM Florida offers a wide range of banking options in FL. From using PayPal to Skrill to using your debit or credit card to add funds to your account, you can do it all instantly, enjoying betting on the matches of your preferred sports.

Best payment methods


When it comes to placing wagers on matches, one of the first things you’ll need to do is deposit some funds. Below, we’ll introduce you to your banking options when betting on sports online in Florida, helping you choose the one that’s best for you.


PayPal is one of the preferred ways to add funds to your online accounts when betting on sports. It is secure, and it usually comes with immediate access to your winnings. In addition, online sports betting with PayPal is convenient and does not link up to your bank account, which helps to keep your information safe.

When you use PayPal, you get an online sportsbook instant withdrawal, and you won’t have to pay a fee for using it. All of our top 4 sportsbooks offer PayPal as an option, which could be the right choice for you if you want instant processing and secure online betting.


Another option to bet in online sportsbooks with instant withdrawal is Skrill. Skrill is a lot like PayPal, though they charge fees for use. Those that want to use Skrill can expect to pay per withdrawal, with the latest fees listed at $5.50 per withdrawal.

Still, the processing time is instant, and, much like PayPal, all transactions are 100% secure. To add funds to your account with Skrill, all you have to do is create an account, and they start betting on your preferred matches.


The PaySafeCard is another alternative to paying online with a bank account, debit, or credit card. It doesn’t connect any of your personal information with the card, which makes it safer to use for online purchases. Those using this method can simply head to a retailer that sells the card and purchase it with the amount they want.

Then, visit a sportsbook and start making wagers using the card just as you would a debit or credit card. It’s fast, simple, safe, and accepted by most sportsbooks out there that offer sports betting for Florida gamblers.


Play+ is another alternative option to using a debit or credit card or linking any information to your bank. It’s simple to use and only requires that you create an account. For example, bettors in Florida can create an account and add funds that they can use for betting on sports online the same day.

Play+ is not just an online option but is also one that comes with a card that you can use at any ATM as well. As a result, it’s a great and safe alternative to many other banking methods and perfect for use online so that you can have instant access when you choose the winning team.

ACH (VIP preferred)

Automated Clearing House also has an option for banking that doesn’t require sensitive information to be passed around the web. Instead, it’s an e-check, which is transferred safely and directly from one account to another. Sportsbooks will allow e-checks and usually will upload funds to the account instantly.

The ACH VIP preferred payment option is another alternative that is safe and provides gamers with a quick and simple way to add funds to their account so they can start making wagers in no time.

Credit or debit cards

When you make a bet, you can choose an online sportsbook debit card withdrawal, which is fast, simple, and supported by most sportsbooks out there. One of the best things about using a debit or credit card is that funds are instantly ready for use, and there are typically no fees.

Most credit or debit cards do come with a bit of a processing fee when it comes to withdrawals, though they are typically the fastest. Typically, withdrawing funds from a sportsbook to your debit or credit cards takes anywhere from 1 to 3 days to process, after which it’s deposited to your account so you can use it how you want.


For those that are not really into the whole playing online thing, PayNearMe is a solid option. Not only do they allow Florida bettors to pay in cash but, they offer a way to have access to funds instantly so that you can make bets instantly.

While PayNearMe is a good option for those looking to pay cash for their online sports betting, there is a fee that comes along with it that could be steep for gamers. The fee can be up to $5.99 per transaction. Still, the process is less than an hour, which means that funds are ready almost instantly for betting on sports matches.


Neteller is another option for adding funds to a sportsbook account safely. It’s considered an e-wallet, meaning that funds are ready as soon as you deposit them. Unlike other banking methods, Neteller and other e-wallets are not attached to any personal information or banking information.

Because Neteller has been around since 1999, they have done a lot in terms of modernizing themselves as technology advances. So now, gamblers in Florida not only have the option to use Neteller as a preferred payment option but can also take advantage of the prepaid card.


Using a safe online connection, Trustly allows Florida bettors to deposit and receive money. With just a few credentials, bettors can have access to their funds and add them so that they can use them to make bets in seconds.

Options to connect the account to their personal banking account are there, which makes withdrawals a piece of cake. Instead of having to wait around, bettors can get their hands on their money fast with help from Trustly.

How to add funds to bet in Florida


When you’re ready to start making wagers, you’ll need to follow a few steps to start betting. Below, we’ll walk you through adding funds to your account and betting on the events you’ve been waiting for so that you can start getting in on the action.

Choose a provider

The first thing you need to do is choose a Florida online sports betting site. Above, we mentioned 4 of the best sportsbooks out there that offer a wide range of banking options in Florida. When choosing a sportsbook, make sure that you have one that:

  • Is safe
  • Offers multiple payment options
  • Has solid promos
  • It offers a large variety of sports betting options

Make a deposit

To start betting on sports, one of the first things you’ll need to do is make a deposit. Then, choose your preferred method that’s offered by the sportsbook of your choice and add that amount to your account.

Collect your bonus

Most of the sportsbooks mentioned above offer bonuses that you should take advantage of. Once you make a qualifying deposit, you should collect your bonus offer by following the instructions given by the sportsbook. Be sure to also check out the rules and regulations, making sure you abide by them, so you’re betting is valid.

Make your bet

With everything up and ready to go, you can start making your bets in no time. Once you have your promo in your account, you can browse all kinds of sporting events choosing the one that you think will make you a winner.

Then, choose your bet, put your money down, and sit back and relax while the match plays out. Finally, if you’re a winner, collect your cash and start your journey over again.

banking in Florida FAQs

Can I make deposits for online bookies in person?

Yes, you can. There are spots in the state of Florida that offer ways to add money electronically by visiting a store. For example, PayNearMe is one method that bettors in Florida can use to add money to their accounts for betting on sports. All they have to do is visit one of the sites and then add their funds, able to use it for betting on sports matches as soon as it’s processed.

Can I deposit out of state?

Yes, just as long as it’s a state that allows online sports gambling. Some states have outlawed online sports betting, which means that those wanting to log in and gamble cannot do so. However, as long as it’s a legal state, you can deposit from an account that is out of the state and make deposits from out of the state of Florida.

Can I set deposit limits to control my gambling habits?

Yes, you can. A lot of sportsbooks will allow bettors to set limits on the amount that they can spend per day on gambling. In this way, gamblers can rest assured that the sportsbook will not allow them to make wagers over their limits and cannot go overboard if they feel like they might have a problem.

How can I withdraw when I win?

When you have earnings to withdraw, you’ll first have to choose where you’re going to withdraw from. Then, you can choose any method offered by the sportsbook and choose the amount you want to withdraw. Some methods will come attached with processing times, while others will deposit to your account immediately.

What’s the best banking option for betting in Florida?

Most sportsbooks offer multiple payment options, and choosing the best one depends on what accounts you have. Most e-wallets like PayPal and Neteller offer instant withdrawals, though they also have to be connected to a bank account. For quick withdrawals, it’s best to choose e-wallets, though there are lots of other options that could work better for you.