Draftkings Florida

If you love a site that focuses on so much more than American sports, then Draftkings Florida is a great place for you to gamble. In this Draftkings sportsbook FL review, we are going to tell you everything there is to know about this site. This way you will know whether it is somewhere you should be gambling.

Draftkings promos Florida


What a lot of people fail to realize is that when a site offers promotions, it eats into their profits. This means that they need to make up for that loss of profits in other ways, namely through their betting odds. Because Draftkings doesn’t have a huge number of promos, there is less of an impact on their betting odds. This keeps them competitive.

Draftkings Florida promo code

Every single day, a few of the betting markets on the site will be given a little bit of a promo code boost. This will allow you to win more cash from the bets that you place on the site.

Promo codes are fantastic, especially since Draftkings in Florida seems to offer some of the best ones in the state as with the promo code $200 offered to first time users.

Draftkings FL rewards

In our opinion, this is one of the more lucrative bonuses that you are going to be getting on the site. It is certainly one of the main reasons why we have ended up spending a good chunk of our time gambling at Draftkings FL.

Each bet that you make on the site will entitle you to reward points. These reward points can then be traded in for even more promos.

We actually reckon that this is one of the better ways to issue bonuses. It allows people to pick the bonuses that they want the most from a site, and it helps to encourage people to stick around at the same online betting site.

Since we reckon that you are going to be sticking around at Draftkings for the long term, we reckon that you are really, really going to love this promo.

Draftkings Florida bonuses


When you land on Draftkings for the first time, one of the things that is likely to strike you is the fact that the site doesn’t offer the same number of bonuses that other online betting providers do. This is for a reason.

Draftkings Florida sign up conus

The welcome bonus doesn’t always seem to stick around, so if you do see it, you should probably snap it up for first time users. Not that you really need to take advantage of the welcome bonus. There is enough going on at the Draftkings site that you don’t really need a bonus.

The sign up bonus is a two-parter.

  • You get a $1,000 risk-free bet
  • You get $50 in free bets when you make your first deposit

Refer a friend bonus

This is one of the bonuses that seems to stick around at Draftkings, and it is likely the one that you are going to be taking advantage of the most.

If you love the site, then you can tell your friends about it.

For every friend that you refer to the site, both of you will be given $100 in free bets. This is assuming that your friend makes a deposit on the site, which we are sure they will do since an online betting site is rather pointless without cash in the account.

Draftkings Florida review


Draftkings in Florida is one of those online betting providers that is way more than Florida sports betting. This means that if you are a keen gambler for more than just sports, then this is likely a site that you are going to be hanging around at for the long term.

One thing that Draftkings has become particularly famed for is the sheer number of open betting markets that they have available, including plenty of international markets. Despite the huge number of markets, the site has continued to offer great betting odds and promotions, both of which help to keep people sticking around the online betting site.

In this Draftkings Florida review, we are going to cover the following:

  • The betting odds on the site
  • The Draftkings promo options (there are plenty of bonuses here!)
  • The mobile gambling experience
  • The sports and betting markets that are available

Since we have a lot to cover, let’s dive right in.

Draftkings sportsbook Florida


We always like to start our reviews by talking about the features of a site we love the most. Now, we know that we are likely going to be on the hunt for different things from you when we are gambling. However, we still reckon the following features ; benefits will likely be of some interest to you with Draftkings sportsbook Florida:

  • Free bet when you sign up for Draftkings sportsbook Florida
  • Focus on international markets
  • Easy to talk to customer support team
  • Plenty of guides for new gamblers

Draftkings sportsbook Florida customer experience

Draftkings sportsbook Florida has been around for an exceedingly long time now. This means that they have really been able to hone the customer experience.

The site is perfectly laid-out. As we said at the start, Draftkings FL puts a lot of focus on international sports. This means that it is easy to find them on the site. However, don’t worry. You will still be able to find a ton of American betting markets with no more than a couple of clicks.

Honestly, almost everything that you would want to do on the site is no more than a couple of clicks away. Most of the bonuses that you have on Draftkings FL will not require you to opt into them either. This means that you do not have to read through extensive terms and conditions to know exactly how you should be using a bonus. They just work.

Draftkings Florida app


Did you know that the vast majority of gamblers now gamble through their mobile devices? Therefore, it is in the best interests of any Florida sportsbooks provider to ensure that they have a good mobile betting experience. Luckily for Draftkings FL app, they do this incredibly well.

There is a Draftkings Florida app. It can be picked up for both Android and iOS devices. If you head to the Draftkings FL site on your mobile device, it will tell you exactly what you need to do. Although, you can just head to the app store for your device and you should be fine.

Due to the wealth of cash behind Draftkings FL, they have been able to invest heavily in mobile gambling. This means that their app is nothing short of divine. It also functions perfectly, and doing whatever you want to on the site comes quite intuitively.

You will be able to do everything that you could possibly want to do on the site through the mobile app. This includes:

  • Make use of the Draftkings FL cashier
  • Contact customer support
  • Bet on live games
  • Take advantage of bonuses
  • Build up your parlays
  • Check and place bets

Draftkings FL banking options

Want to get some money into your Draftkings FL account? Brilliant! You have tons of deposit options available to you.

The main methods available in Florida include:

  • Debit and credit cards
  • PayPal
  • Play+
  • Bank transfer
  • ACH

If you want to withdraw from your account, then these are the options available to you:

  • Play+
  • ACH
  • PayPal
  • Check

Betting odds at the Draftkings Florida sportsbook


As we have said several times throughout this page, Draftkings Florida sportsbook does try to do things a little bit differently from some of the other online betting sites that you have encountered. A lot of this is down to the fact that they are trying to ensure that they consistently have the best betting odds available.

Now, obviously, it is impossible to have consistent good betting odds. No site can ever be perfect down to how betting odds work. However, Draftkings FL gets it right often enough that this doesn’t really seem to be a massive issue.

Even when the site is not offering enhanced odds, you will find that Draftkings offers betting odds that beat most of their major competitors.This is especially true if you love prop bets.

Available sports at Draftkings FL

Let’s move on to discussing the sports that you are going to find at Draftkings FL. There is a surprisingly good selection of events here, although we suppose that much of this is down to the fact that Draftkings is a global site. This means that they have the funds to be able to offer a ton of different sports:

  • Aussie rules
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Darts
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Handball
  • Hockey
  • MMA
  • Motorsports
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Billiards (snooker and pool)
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Table tennis

Most people probably won’t be surprised by the inclusion of many of these sports. They are staples for betting sites throughout Florida.

What does surprise us is the inclusion of billiards sports. As you may well know, the US doesn’t really offer that many major competitions in those sports. So, it goes to show just how much Draftkings is really trying to focus on the more international markets.

Live betting at Draftkings in Florida

Draftkings offers a ton of live sports. We don’t think there has been a single time we have visited the site where there hasn’t been a live event to bet on. It seems as if as soon as one event ends, a new one is ready to roll.

The number of open betting markets at Draftkings will be extensive. The number of detailed stats that the site provides will be extensive too. This means that you will have all of the information that you need to make much more sensible bets on the site.

Betting markets at Draftkings FL


And once again, to really drum it home, one of the big focuses of the site will be international sports. In fact, the very first time you land on the Draftkings sportsbook in FL, you will notice that the popular markets are all international leagues, mainly soccer.

We are really surprised by just how small some of the leagues covered by Draftkings are. This helps to ensure that the number of bets available is kept high, and it provides keen gamblers with things that they can gamble on.

There are hundreds of games to gamble on at any possible moment. You will be able to bet on things such as:

  • Moneylines
  • Props
  • Futures
  • Totals
  • Point spreads
  • Round robins

Of course, many of these bets can also be parlayed. Sure, these are going to be risky bets, but as we have said before; Draftkings offers great odds. This means that when you do build a parlay bet up, you are also going to be getting some pretty tremendous betting odds available there too.

Draftkings FL customer support

There is a good FAQ on the Draftkings website. However, we know that there are going to be a few times where you may need to talk to a real person. Luckily, Draftkings makes this as easy as pie.

It seems that the method Draftkings wants to encourage people to use will be the email option. it is the main method to contact them. However, they also have a live chat system that is available 24/7, just in case you want to contact them in a much quicker manner.

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FAQ Draftkings Florida sportsbook

How do you get a Play+ card at Draftkings in Florida?

You can order a Play+ card from the cashier option on the site. It should take around 2-weeks to arrive.

Does Draftkings in Florida accept PayPal?

Yes. Draftkings will support PayPal for both deposits and withdrawal options.

How fast are withdrawals at the Draftkings sportsbook FL?

Unless you are withdrawing by check, the withdrawals at Draftkings should take no longer than 3 working days.

How fast are deposits at Draftkings FL?

Most deposits should be instant. It should take no longer than 15-minutes.

How do you refer a friend at Draftkings?

Once you are signed into your Draftkings account, look for the refer-a-friend option. There will be a code to hand your friend. They must enter this during the sign-up process.