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Football betting Florida

Football betting Florida is is on the rise. Don’t just sign up for the very first football sportsbook you find, though. It is probably worth knowing a little bit about how Florida football betting online works. This way, you stand a much greater chance of making some serious cash with our help.

Florida Football betting guide

Getting started with football betting in FL isn’t all that difficult. It will all begin with choosing a decent football sportsbook online. Then, think about available football odds and picks here.

Once you have selected a Football betting site in FL, it is vital that you understand the various football betting markets. This way, you can choose the right betting market for your experience. Also, don’t forget to have a rough idea about how football betting odds work here.

Guide for football in the state

Successful football betting in Florida is going to take a huge amount of work. On this page, we are going to guide you through absolutely everything that you need to know, though. Don’t worry, as we will cover most of the basics and give you our top tips and where to start your journey.

Bet on football Florida


Let’s start by giving you a quick rundown of some of the things available. When you have checked out or top operators to bet on football in Florida, here are some pointers to give you an edge for your football sportsbooks.

Football betting offer

You should never choose a operator based on the football betting offer alone. However, it is nice to have a couple of perks for gambling at your chosen football operator.

Open markets

Football betting is going to be an absolute must. But, of course, you will also need to think about the bet types that you can make. You don’t just want to be betting on the Moneyline, do you?

Several football platforms in the state have huge markets available, football will take up much of the space but there is other options. You are completely free to choose yourself what to bet on.

Football betting odds Florida

No betting company will consistently offer the best football odds. This is why it is so important that you are signed up to a couple of different odds providers if you are gambling a lot. Still, it is nice to check whether a football sportsbook offers decent odds most of the time.

Customer support

We love football sportsbooks that offer a good customer support experience. Even if you never use them, it is going to be nice to know that somebody has your back if you do run into any issues.

Our favorite football betting sites in Florida will be the ones that offer 24/7 live chat support. It means that you will get the answers to your questions nice and quickly.

  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Social media
  • FAQ section

Mobile gambling on Football

If you are planning on gambling via your mobile device, then you are going to want to check for a football operator that offers a great mobile experience. If the football sportsbook that you choose has a mobile platform, then great. However, if they don’t, then, at the absolute minimum, their  site should be fairly functional.

Even if you are not planning on gambling with your device right now, it is still worth choosing a site that offers football gambling. You never know if you are going to change your mind in the future.


For most football betting in Florida, you probably aren’t going to need to worry too much about this. Most of them will support common banking options in FL. Still, it is worth looking at the costs for withdrawal, speed, etc.

Best football betting sites Florida


There are a lot football betting sites. Let us give you an overview of the football operators that we really think you should be gambling at. Basically, these are the best football betting sites Florida.

Compare football betting sites

Take a look and compare football betting sites in FL, these are the most used and the ones we find to do a good job as operators for football wagers.


FOX Bet is well-known for its enhanced odds promotions. If there is a big football game coming up, then FOX Bet will likely have an open market for you.


Betrivers is great for betting bonuses and enhanced odds. In addition, every football game on the site is available live.


Regular gamblers love BetMGM. This is because they offer a wealth of betting bonuses for those that spend a lot of time hanging around at the football sportsbook.


Draftkings offers a wealth of football games. In addition, they have some of the best odds available on futures markets.


If you love your football prop bets, then it may be worth checking out Fanduel. They always offer some amazing gambling odds and creative betting markets.

Football odds Florida


A lot of new bettors in Florida find it a little bit difficult to read betting odds. However, we promise you, and it isn’t as difficult as you may think. Most football odds in Florida are going to use a system known as American odds, so that is the system that we want to talk about here.

You will know that you are looking at American odds if you see a + or – before a number. Many Florida football odds platforms have easy ways to display these directly to you.

The favorite Florida football odds

The favorite Florida football odds bet will almost always have a – in front of it. If you see a -, then you know that the number that follows is the amount that you would need to bet if you want to win $100.

In some cases, a favorite bet may have a + in front of it. This would make it look like an underdog bet (more on those soon). You will see this in futures markets. In order to work out what the favorite is there, you have to look at the number that follows. The lower the number, the more of a favorite.

The underdog football odds

The underdog bet will have a + in front of it. This is how much you would win if you bet $100. Easy to follow and very popular amongst football fans to use.

Football sportsbook Florida markets


If you want to place a football bet in Florida, then you need to know the various markets that you can jump into. We will help you find  football sportsbook Florida option

Florida sports betting can get pretty creative when it comes to football sportsbook markets. This means that we cannot possibly list all of them. However, we can give you a very brief overview of some of the sports markets that you are likely to encounter in the state.

Football Moneylines FL

Football Moneylines are the simplest football lines in Florida. With a Moneyline, you will be wagering on which team you think is going to win.

Most of the football tips you find will be focused on moneylines. This is because they are going to be some of the easiest bets that you can predict. Of course, you won’t win huge amounts, but they tend to be some of the safest bets that you can make.

If you are a newbie to football betting in Florida, then we suggest that you get started with the Football moneyline.

Point spreads on Football in FL

Point spreads are similar to moneylines. This means that you will be choosing who wins the game, albeit in a slightly different way.

As you well know, there are some football games where it is so simple to predict the winner that even if you did predict the winner correctly, you would barely win anything. Point spreads are designed to counter this.

With a point spread bet, the favorite of the game will start with a point handicap. The more of a favorite they are, the greater the handicap. You will have two options here:

  • If you bet on the favorite, then you need them to not only win but to win by more points than the handicap.
  • In every other case, the underdog is the winner.

Football Prop bets FL

Don’t feel like betting on something related to the score? Well, for the more experienced gamblers, prop bets can be a good choice. They are tough to win, but this means they payout well.

Prop bets are going to be among the unique bets that you will find on a football sportsbook. They can focus on the performance of specific players or the whole team. Example prop bets that you may find at a football sportsbook include:

  • Total passing yards for a player
  • The first player to score
  • The first team to score a touchdown
  • Score at half-time


Totals bets are sometimes known as over/under bets. They can take a variety of forms. The most common will be betting on the total combined score for the two teams. You don’t have to be exact. You just need to predict whether it will be over or under a certain number.

Florida Football Futures

Futures bets involve betting on something that happens beyond a single match. For example, on which team will win big events that are in the future.

Tips for online football betting Florida


Let’s wrap up with a few quick tips that we really think will benefit you when it comes to finding the best online football betting Florida. This information can be quite useful to new gamblers.

Don’t always bet on your favorite team

Love the Miami Dolphins? Great! They are a decent team. However, it doesn’t mean that you should be betting on them.

We find that a lot of the people that bet on their favorite teams often make poor gambling decisions. When you bet from the heart, you often make poor bets. Your judgment becomes clouded. So, always bet on teams that you might not be fans of. Don’t even bet on games that your favorite team is involved in.

Make sure you research all of your bets

For every single bet that you make, it is vital that you do your research.

We would never recommend somebody makes a bet until they have gathered a decent amount of evidence that there is a good chance that the bet could win. We don’t care if you choose the riskiest bet in the world. As long as you have evidence you could potentially win, then you should make that bet.

There are plenty of ways that you can research your bets. For example, make sure that you pay attention to sport news, betting stats, and even watch a couple of games.

Use multiple football sportsbooks to check odds

The whole idea of online betting on sports is to make some cash. To make some cash, then you need to ensure that you get in at the right odds.

As we said before, there isn’t a single football sportsbook out there that will consistently offer the best odds. This means that you will want to check multiple ones to see what offers the best odds before you place that bet.

Listen to football betting tipsters

Betting tipsters can help to provide a little bit of guidance when it comes to ideas. However, even if you do not listen to their tips, it would be wise to try and work out how they came up with their tips. This can help you when you make your own football picks later on.

Don’t just chase the football betting offer

Betting bonuses can be great, but there will often be some limitations in place in terms of what you can do with them. Think of bonuses as a little bit of a perk that you can use. You don’t have to use them. You won’t make money from football in Florida if you just use bonuses.

Football betting Florida FAQ

Should you use multiple bookies for football in Florida?

If you are planning on using a decent sum of cash, then it may be worth checking out multiple football sportsbooks. This way, you can be sure that you are enjoying the best Florida odds.

When do betting odds become available for football in Florida?

It depends on the game. Major events may have odds available weeks before. On the other hand, your typical game may have odds available a couple of days before.

Is live football betting in Florida available?

Most operators in Florida will offer live football betting. Live football online should be available for almost every single game and maybe a couple of other games.

Can you parlay football bets in Florida?

Many platforms will allow you to parlay your bets. But, remember, the more lines you add to your parlay, the riskier the bet is going to become.

Can you bet on football lines in Florida?

Most football sportsbooks in Florida will offer football lines. However, their main priority will still likely be the big leagues.